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Fidget Spinner High Score

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Initially fidget spinners were invented as a stress-relieving toy. Do you know these times, when everything and everyone is just annoying? Or you simply can't concentrate on anything anymore? This is exactly what fidget spinners were meant to appease. They help to calm down and forget everything else for a while. And if you ever tried one you know how soothing they can be. Check out the comprehensive Fidget Spinner Wiki to learn even more about this trending toy. In fact, Fidget Spinners may be the biggest trend in 2017

But it’s pretty safe to say that besides being able to help to relax, they are just an awesome little toy to play around with, learn tricks and improve your dexterity and patience. The concept is really simple. You spin the fidget spinner as fast as you can, while holding it between your index finger and thumb. But this is nothing more than a basic functional check, of course. The real fun begins when you start learning a few tricks and impress your friends who will stare at your fingers in pure admiration witnessing your superior fidget spinner skills. Just like in this fidget spinner youtube video here:

Believe us when we say that we have tried to pull off at least one of these tricks and failed miserably every time. After blaming the fidget spinner for being too unstable, the colleagues for being annoying, the wind for being too windy and other more talented people for being cheaters, we finally had to accept that it was just a simple lack of talent, patience and skill. Mostly skill!

This is one of the reasons why we love our fidget spinner app. You can't really fail. It's perfect for amateurs and high score hunters alike. So what is it, exactly?

How does the Fidget Spinner App work?

Obviously it is not possible to spin the hand spinner app between your fingers, since it is only a virtual simulation on your smartphone display. Well, you could actually try to spin your whole phone around and pretend it’s a fidget spinner. But we do not recommend that due to obvious (money-related) reasons. The purpose of our hand spinner app is another one: it’s all about the high score. With a swipe of your finger you spin one of the many included fidget spinners and try to achieve as many rotations as possible.

Fidget Spinner portrait Fidget Spinner portrait

Earn Coins and Upgrade your Finger Spinner

By spinning you earn coins that can be invested in two areas in order to improve your fidget spinner:

This upgrade increases the maximum speed of your spinner, which means it will do more spins in the same time.

Put some grease on the ball-bearings and watch that fidget spinner rotate like there’s no tomorrow.

Both of these upgrades can be applied indefinitely. So there is not a really a limit to the high score you can achieve. What you need is skill and a little patience.

But wait, there’s more! With each new experience level you will be awarded with a new fidget spinner design. You can freely choose whichever spinner you like best at any time in the game. Our personal favorite would of course be the Batman fidget spinner. Why? Because it’s Batman. Nobody needs a reason to love Batman. Everyone loves Batman.

And of course all of these new spinner designs are completely free. The only thing you have to invest is a little time and of course your dedication to crack a new high score. The more you play the better you will get and the more upgrades you can apply.

What is the best technique to play the Fidget Spinner App?

We have tried various techniques and everyone likes a different approach. Some hold their smartphone in landscape mode, some lay it down on the table, and some people even try to play it with one hand only.

Take a look at our little tutorial video and see what from our experience is the easiest way to get the most spins out of one swipe. In this video we already have unlocked a few awesome looking spinners. Check it out:

This way we currently hold a record of 105 spins. But we're pretty sure that there are people who will laugh at us for thinking this is good.

Fidget Spinner Alternatives

We must admit it: we are pretty much addicted to anything related to these litte hand spinners. Just like everyone else. However, if you feel like you need a break and play something a little different, but not less captivating, why don't you try out our famous Bubble Shooter games?

Another fantastic alternative would be to check out our WebGL games. These are mostly racing games with beautiful 3D graphics and a dream for those who love to upgrade things.

Anyway, while you read this, be sure we continue working on our fidget spinner tricks and finding even more things to blame for our utter lack of skill.